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Clapper: Sending up to 120K Troops to Mid-East ‘Heightens the Probability’ of Conflict with Iran

‘Just because of the numbers, the probability goes up’
By Grabien Staff


BERMAN: "Does the presentation of that type of plan indicate any increased likelihood that it will actually happen?"
CLAPPER: "Well, there is always the likelihood, if you have, you know, our forces and Iranian forces in proximity to one another, there’s always the opportunity for an accidental encounter that could be incendiary."
BERMAN: "Is that more likely now, given the heightened rhetoric between the two countries?"
CLAPPER: "It could be. Depending on where these forces are deployed, and particularly if we bolster our presence in the Strait of Hormuz, that heightens the probability for an inadvertent encounter between Iranian and U.S. Forces. So, just because of the numbers, the probability goes up."

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