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Clay Travis: ‘Woke’ Virus Is Spreading in the Sports World

‘Ultimately, the people of Atlanta end up being the victims here’
By Grabien Staff


TRAVIS: "Amen, Will. Thank you all for having me, I appreciate it. We did talk about this just earlier this week, and I thought maybe Major League Baseball, because as you mentioned, fans, players, managers, executives, teams, credit to the Atlanta Braves for firing back, but this woke virus just keeps spreading in the world of sports. And I know you and other people like me out there who talk about sports, we get asked, how did this happen? How did everything become so political? How did we go from Michael Jordan’s era of Republicans buy sneakers too, to an era where it feels like everything is intensely partisan and political? And ultimately, the people of Atlanta end up being the victims here, right? Because they are going to lose a $100 million event from their city as they are recovering from Covid. It’s a majority black city that would have had a lot of money roaring in. They were going to be celebrating Hank Aaron, one of the all-time greats in the history of baseball. This was all set up. Will, I was going to be there.”

(via Fox News)

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