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Clinton Slams GOP and NRA: They Are ‘Complicit’ in ‘Gun Epidemic’

‘The way the Republican Party has been captured by the NRA, which has intimidated a lot of Democrats … is one of the worst developments of the last 25 years’
By Grabien Staff


VOLSKY: “Do you feel like they’re complicit, the GOP the NRA, and the gun epidemic we’re seeing in America?”
CLINTON: “Of course they are! Of course they are. The Brady Bill actually kept two million guns out of the hands of people who weren’t supposed to have them. If we had gone forward with the background check capacity that we should have had, and that it was up to date — my gosh, we computerize everything, and we can’t computerize that? Dylann Roof was never supposed to get that gun that he used to kill people at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston because he had a pre-existing arrest that should have disqualified him, but the system, you know, is deliberately kept all creaky and slow.

"We don’t even allow people to get federal funds to look into gun deaths and what makes, you know, some people more inclined to reach for a gun, and how we keep guns out of the hands of, you know, criminals, and the mentally ill. One of the first things that Trump did when he became president was to undo the regulation from the Obama era so, you know, mental health records no longer prevent you from buying a gun. In fact, being blind does not any longer prevent you from buying a gun. I mean, this is beyond absurd; this is evil. This is nothing but pure, unadulterated greed motivated by people who want to sell as many guns as they can, to engage in a falsity of fear and rhetoric about why everybody has to have guns and, you know, the evidence is just so clear that more guns do not keep you safer and more guns in the wrong hands lead to terrible incidents. But, you know, we’ve had 200 and, what, 73 events in this past year of mass shootings, which means four or more killed. So, yes, we see the horrors of Las Vegas; it happens every day. It’s part of the 91 people who get killed every single day by guns.”

(Via The Washington Free Beacon)

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