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Clyburn: America Is Great Because of Ability to ‘Repair Its Faults’

‘We got a fault today in our law enforcement, let’s repair it’
By Grabien Staff


CLYBURN: “There are only two dates I want you to ever think about. 1066 and I don’t want the other things to be taught because they’re not relevant. Columbus didn’t discover America, America was here all the time. Columbus was lost. And let this be clear about what the real history is. So, you don’t get through it by ignoring it, pretend it didn’t exist. No, it did exist. Slavery existed. Jim crow existed. And the supreme court of United States in 1954 decided to repair that, thank you once again for recognizing what this country is all about, not about being perfect, but when you see a fault, repair it. We’ve got a fault today in our law enforcement. Let’s repair it. There’s a fault today with 47 states now coming out with these voter suppression laws. Come on, United States of America, let’s repair that.”

(via Fox News)

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