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CNN Airs Footage of Assange Being Taken from Ecuadorian Embassy: ‘The Perp Walk’

‘He is not walking out voluntarily’


CAMEROTA: "Hold on a second. This is the shot of him being taken from the embassy by British police."
BERMAN: "Oh, my God, look at him. The beard. I have not seen him looking like that. Clearly not being taken willingly. He’s being dragged to the police van."
CAMEROTA: "That’s what they call the perp walk or the grab shot. That’s a fascinating one. Because look at how many people has taken to take him down. He’s not going willingly. He looks like Rip Van Winkle. He’s aged more than seven years since he’s been in there. It’s just fascinating to watch. Let’s see it again. He’s yelling. Impossible to know what he’s yelling. Fascinating to watch. Everybody wondered if he would walk out voluntarily someday. Everyone wondered what the end game to this would be. Here it is."

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