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CNN: American Family Had to Go Through 20 Taliban Checkpoints While Fleeing Afghanistan on Foot

‘They were not able to fly out from there’


MARQUARDT: “Well, Anderson, this information is from the Oklahoma congressman Markwayne Mullin, who says these four Americans who the state Department announced earlier today who made their way out of Afghanistan over land are in fact three children and their mother. He spoke with our colleague earlier today. He says this family was not able to get out at the airport amid those scenes of chaos that we remember. They were not able to fly out from there. They were not able to fly out from another location in Afghanistan. So, they made their way out of the country essentially on foot via that over land route. The state didn’t offer much in the way of confirmation. They said, we provided guidance to them, worked to facilitate the safe passage and greeted the Americans once they crossed the order border. We’re not in a position to offer additional information. Anderson, these are just four of the estimated 100 Americans who want to leave the country since the full U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

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