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CNN Analyst: Trump Thinks He’s a ‘Slavemaster of Black People’

‘He’s encouraging white supremacists’
By Grabien Staff

BOYKIN: “We have a white supremacist president of the United States. He’s encouraging white supremacists. And the fact is —“
BOLDUAN: “Are you really —“
BOYKIN: “Yes, I’m going to say that. And we can debate that later —“
BOLDUAN: “No, but don’t also throw the grenade, Keith. You think he is a white supremacist? You really believe that this president is a white supremacist?”
BOYKIN: “It doesn’t matter what I think or whether he is or not because he is —“
BOLDUAN: “Words matter. You say this all the time.”
BOYKIN: “The reason why I say this is because he’s encouraging and inciting these people. If this is really about respect for the flag —“
BOLDUAN: “Is this different for you post-Charlottesville?” 
BOYKIN:” That’s exactly the point I was going to make. If this is really about respect for the flag, why didn’t he call for those young white men in Charlottesville who were marching with the Confederate flag to be fired from their jobs? It’s not about respect for the flag. It’s about fanning the flames of racial hatred and this president is a master of that and that’s the reason why he’s playing plantation politics. He thinks apparently that he is a slave master of black people in the NFL of black people in the country, he’s attacking Jemele Hill and Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry, he’s attacking black athletes and black sports figures but he doesn’t want to attack the white supremacist and the Ku Klux Klan members in Charlottesville.”

(Via The Washington Free Beacon)

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