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CNN Analyst: Video Shows the Red Car Didn’t Target Waukesha Parade

‘So a lot of unanswered questions here’
By Grabien Staff


WACKROW: "But looking at the vehicle and looking at the video that we’ve seen, one of the SUVs speeding down the side of the parade route, almost hitting the child but not injuring, thankfully, that child, to me indicates — again, I think we’ve said this before, I honestly don’t believe that the intent of this driver was to target this specific event. Otherwise, he would have been — he or she would have been causing greater harm earlier on throughout. The video when the SUV came up to the marching band, you could see that he tried to — he or she tried to position the vehicle more towards the left, but again, panic probably set in, hit the accelerator and we saw that tragic event and those victims, again, not even know that vehicle was coming towards them. So, a lot of unanswered questions here, but I just think that the evidence is pointing more towards this not being a targeted attack on this event itself and I think that should calm officials throughout the country, that this isn’t some sort of directed attack towards holiday events."

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