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CNN Asks Va. Lawmaker If ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Are Enough; Lawmaker Says ‘We Need Those’

Thoughts and prayers ‘mean a lot, they mean the world’
By Grabien Staff


BLACKWELL: "There are some communities as of late who have been unsatisfied or dissatisfied by the thoughts and prayers that are sent after tragedies like that. To you, those thoughts and prayers mean what?"
ROUSE: "They mean a lot. They mean the world. Because, you know, I understand the frustrations of we see it so much now we say don’t send your thoughts and prayers. It’s not enough to send your thoughts and prayers. No. We must never forget to pray. We must always pray. We must always yield to God in these times. Through Christ we’ll find our strength. Today we’re going to find our strength through Christ. He’s going to bring us together. I truly believe the thoughts and prayers make a difference. We need that. We need those here. And through those thoughts and prayers we will have action. And put action into place."

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