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CNN Confirms Two Mosques Attacked, ‘One More Gunman on the Loose’

‘It appears it was coordinated and pre-planned with a specific purpose’

LEMON: “I need to get to Anna Burns Francis. The reporter we have on the ground from Auckland, New Zealand from TVNZ. Anna, thank you for joining us. Can you update our viewers on what you know.”

BURNS-FRANCIS: “Sure. At this stage we have nine confirmed deaths as a result of two shootings across Christchurch City. Both of those occurred at the Al Noor mosque quite across the hospital . And there was a second attack carried out at the Lynnwood mosque a short drive away. There believed to be dozens of people injured in those attacks. I understand they are still arriving at the hospital to be treated for their injuries. But the city itself is in lockdown. All schools are in lockdown. Super markets have closed across the city. Government department buildings are closed. Public art galleries have closed. There was a climate change rally, multiple school children, schools across the city has school children out of schools today to participate in that rally. Those areas have been cleared. But of course the issue is with every one being told to stay where they that those families cannot connect to those parent with their children. Mosques have also been told to shut their doors. Police in New Zealand are in seen in patrol cars to every single mosques and every single town and city across the country to make sure that they are safe tonight. And now we have got reports that the SAS, their elite police force is deployed in Christchurch City. This is an unfolding situation. Police have told us while they arrested one believed gun man and he has been taken into custody. They are not sure how many have taken part in this attack. There’s potentially or fears at this stage there’s still one more gunman on the loose.”

LEMON: “Do we know anything about this gunman, before I let you go Anna.”

BURNS-FRANCIS: “We do have reports coming in. We have been seeing some horrific footage, it can only be described as horrific footage of the attack being carried out which was live streamed at the time on YouTube. New Zealand authorities have been in touch with Facebook, YouTube to request all links to that footage be removed. That is of course very graphic video footage. We understand there was a also 37-page manifesto published on the internet to be released as the attack unfolded. That’s also being sent out to multiple sources at the stage. Staff at the newsroom have also begun reading its contents. It appears it was coordinated and pre-planned attack with a very specific purpose.”

LEMON: “Anna Burns-Francis of TVNZ in Auckland, New Zealand, Thank you so much. We appreciate you updating our viewers — ”

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