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CNN Crew Jokes About Donald Trump’s Plane Crashing

‘That means his plane has crashed’
By Grabien Staff

CNN Crew Jokes About Donald Trump’s Plane Crashing (FTVLive)

CNN Correspondent Suzanne Malveauxjoke was covering the Carrier press conference, that featured both Donald Trump and Mike Pence. 

Carrier was able to negotiate huge tax breaks for their company, if they promised not to move all their jobs to Mexico. 

FTVLive has obtained video of Malveaux joke before her live hit on CNN. The crew was waiting on Trump's appearance at the press conference and waiting for his plane to land. 

At one point the crew joked about Trump's plane crashing.

A producer can be heard off screen talking about signals she would give if Trump’s plan had landed. It then went south rather quickly.

“That means his plane’s crashed…just kidding,” the voice can be heard saying, while Malveaux’s eyes bugged out. She then tried to smile it off.

Malveaux then begins her broadcast, addressing anchor Brooke Baldwin.


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