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CNN: Crowds Go Wild as Las Vegas Celebrates Opening at 100 Percent Capacity

‘Last year, the coronavirus pandemic turned Vegas into the ghost town’


KAFANOV (voice-over): "In downtown Las Vegas, a countdown to mark Sin City's comeback. As of 12:01 A.M. today, pandemic restrictions now a thing of the past. Maskless tourists celebrating."

WOMAN: "You just have to see it in order to believe it."

MAN: "It feels good, though, to be back free. Hopefully everybody goes, gets vaccinated, and we're back out here."

KAFANOV (voice-over): "For the first time in over a year, visitors rocked out to live music. Casinos, restaurants and hotels back to full capacity. Those Plexiglas dividers meant to keep gamblers safe during the pandemic officially coming down. In most places, fully vaccinated visitors can now ditch the mask and scrap social distancing, but health experts worry not everyone will play by the rules."

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