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CNN: Dayton Shooter’s Twitter Feed Shows Extreme Leftist Views

‘I am going to Hell and I am not coming back’
By Grabien Staff


SANDOVAL: "John, that Twitter account was suspended by Twitter Sunday evening after that shooting, but when you look at that, it seems to be that it likely belonged to the actual suspect himself. This account contained extreme left-wing posts. It was anti-police, pro-Antifa, retweets it includes as well. In the bioline, it actually had the phrase, and I'm quoting this, 'I’m going to hell and I’m not coming back.' This new information is coming as we continue to hear from some of the gunman’s former high school mates who say that they were told by school officials nearly a decade ago they were on a hate and a rape list. Also, law enforcement sources saying they did look at the shooter’s home, and they recovered what they describe as writings. However, they say that based on those writings at this point in time, it does not seem that the atrocity that happened here was politically or racially motivated. At least not now as investigators continue to proceed with leads here. We also heard yesterday from Dayton’s police chief who essentially said, 'Look, these are pieces of evidence they are still considering here,' and as the chief put it right now, it would be a mistake to assume that any specific little bit of evidence, especially if it's from about ten years ago, would be directly related to what happened here. So again, that investigation still continues as this community heals. There’s a gun show scheduled for the weekend that has been cancelled. The organizer of it saying this community needs time to heal."

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