CNN Guest: I Don’t Care How Qualified Gorsuch Is, ‘He Doesn’t Deserve the Seat’
‘He should not even be considered for the seat’


BOYKIN: "The issue is that the Republican Party obstructed President Obama’s nomination for more than a year of Judge Merrick Garland, so any possible nomination for Neil Gorsuch or anyone else is essentially filling a stolen seat. This was a seat that Republicans said they were not even going to have a hearing, not even a hearing from Merrick Garland. And you had people like Ted Cruz and John McCain who said they were going to obstruct Hillary Clinton, if she were to win the election, they were going to obstruct any person who she nominated as a Supreme Court justice. So I think the idea the Democrats should take this person seriously is outrageous. I don't think Neil Gorsuch — I don't care how fare he is and how honest he is and how good of a person he is — he does not deserve to be in the seat, he should not even be considered for the seat.”