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CNN: Man Seen Carrying Pelosi’s Podium in U.S. Capitol Riot Arrested

‘His name is Adam Johnson, he was picked up in his home state of Florida’
By Grabien Staff


EVAN PEREZ: "We have another arrest. It's basically become a national roundup of some of these people that have been seen on some of the social media pictures who invaded the Capitol. The latest arrest, his name is Adam Johnson. He was picked up in his home state of Florida in Pinellas County. He's booked in Pinellas County jail and according to the officials there, he was booked at the request of the Justice Department. We anticipate that he's going to face charges. Now, the pictures I think you already have, are of him holding the Speaker's podium, one of the many people who mobbed, who ransacked the Capitol and posted pictures of themselves or were captured on social media images showing what they were doing at the Capitol. We know so far the Justice Department has announced charges against at least 13 people.” 

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