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CNN: N.J. Gov. Signs Executive Order Making It Harder for Gun Dealers to Operate in State

‘We’ll do business with vendors who we trust and who share the same gun safety principles as we do’


MURPHY: "So we have been at this, Alisyn, since day one. I’ve been in office about 20 months. I’ll spare the long list of executive orders and legislation and other coalitions with other like-minded states. A couple of days ago I signed an executive order which essentially puts our money where our mouth is. It has three parts. Number one, if you are a vendor and you’re selling guns or ammunition or related equipment to New Jersey, you’ve got to abide by a set of principles as it relates to gun safety. Secondly, if you are a financial institution, and you are lending or investing in those vendors, manufacturers, retailers, you also will have to abide by a set of principles as it relates to gun safety. And thirdly, we’re going to review and ultimately I think ban certain types of insurance that leads to irresponsible gun behavior. And these are big numbers for us. We -- we buy over the past period of time about $70 million of equipment and more importantly, we spend about a billion dollars a year in fees to financial institutions. So we’re going to use that muscle to further this cause."

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