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CNN Panel Questions ‘Non-Binary’ Gender Claim of Club Q Shooter: I Don’t Know What to Say About That

‘But it looks like they’re trying to build some kind of sympathy or at least confusion’
By Grabien Staff


CAMEROTA: "So, attorneys for the accused shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, say in new court filings tonight that the suspect now identifies as non-binary. In a footnote to a motion, asserting legal privileges, the public defenders say, quote, 'Anderson Aldrich is non-binary. They use they/them pronouns and for the purposes of all formal filings will be addressed as Mx. Aldrich.' So in other word, not Mr. or Ms. Joining me now, CNN political correspondent Errol Louis, also back with me, Al Franken and Joe Walsh. I don’t want to say about that. I mean, that’s not anything we had heard from his background. You know, people have been looking into his background, and I don’t know if anybody here — are you guys lawyers? I mean, you know, I don’t know what to say about that. That’s what he’s now saying."

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