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CNN: Pfizer Says a Final Trial Analysis Shows Covid-19 Vaccine Is 95% Effective with No Safety Concerns

‘This is the information we were waiting for’
By Grabien Staff


GUPTA: “Yeah. And this is the sort of information that we’ve been waiting for for some time, obviously, been reporting on, you know, vaccine development for several months now. This is important data. And I want to just share you what the data shows, but also how they collected it. As you remember, tens of thousands of people received a placebo, tens of thousands of people received a vaccine over the last few months in this Pfizer clinical trial. What they wanted to see was how many people in either arm of the trial became symptomatic. And they were looking to see ultimately that at least 162 people became symptomatic. And I can explain the math behind that. But basically, what they’re now saying, we can show the numbers here, that they’ve hit their benchmarks in two ways. That when they saw the number of people who became symptomatic, the vast majority of them were in the placebo group. And 162 were in the placebo group and 8 were in the vaccinated group. OK? So it’s pretty clear based on this data, at least data that has been shared with us by the company that the vaccines seem to have a significant impact on COVID-19 specifically and also on severe disease. So the vast majority of people who did develop severe disease within these trials were also in the placebo group versus the vaccinated group. So that’s really the sort of, what we call effectiveness or efficacy data that the FDA is going to be looking at. And again, if this data is true and we have no reason to doubt it, but it’s only coming from the company so far, but if it’s true, the FDA looks at this data, it does make a strong case that this is an effective vaccine.” 

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