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CNN: President Biden’s Granddaughter Marries at White House

‘The President’s oldest granddaughter and daughter of Hunter Biden, Naomi Biden, is getting married today at the White House’
By Grabien Staff


BENNETT: “Well, I mean, it sounds as though the ceremony may have ended, the music has stopped playing. We could hear earlier a symphony being played. You know, the guests were gathered since this morning on the south lawn. It is a chilly 39 degrees here in Washington, D.C. There is no tent. We did catch a little bit of information. We saw naomi Biden’s photograph where she’s wearing a veil, so that’s all we know now. The White House has been super private about this. They have not released any official photographs yet, but right now as you said the family, the wedding party are going to do a luncheon, just a very small event after the ceremony, and then later this evening the guests will return to the White House for a big black-tie party reception with dessert and dancing. I’m sure it will be sort of a very momentous occasion. This is only the 19th wedding to occur here at the White House.”

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