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CNN on September Jobs Numbers: ‘Way Less Than Anybody Expected’

‘Disappointing net job creation in September’
By Grabien Staff


ROMAN: "All right, let me just run through the top-line numbers for you here, John, because it's a real brain teaser. 194,000 net new jobs added. Way less, way less than anybody expected. And less than last month and the worst of the year. But the unemployment rate fell to 4.8%. Remember, in this data there are two surveys the government does. It calls businesses and says, 'How are you hiring? What are your numbers?' and it calls households and says, 'Are you working?' So the household side of this equation is more people were saying, 'Yeah, I did get a job this month.' That could be new business creation. That could be people not going back to their old employer but starting their own job. We'll have to see how that pans out.”

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