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CNN: Unvaccinated Djokovic Wins Appeal to Remain in Australia

‘He was ordered to be released within 30 minutes of that decision’
By Grabien Staff


BLACK: "So, as we speak, Rosemary, Novak Djokovic should be, according to the time scale of the court, a free man. He was ordered to be released within 30 minutes of that decision. That time has passed. So, we don’t know where he is. He was watching proceedings at an undisclosed location. He was allowed out of the immigration detention hotel behind us in order to do so. He was due to return to the hotel should the matter have been adjourned beyond today. But we have a decision. He has been freed because the judge has overturned the cancellation of his visa. The reasoning appears to focus on the procedural arguments that Djokovic’s lawyers were making in court for much of the day, particularly the way he was treated through the process of being interviewed, the evidence that he was being asked for, the comments that he was being asked to make.”

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