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CNN’s Angela Rye Asks Bakari Sellers: When Was America Better than Trump’s Racism?

‘We have to take this time to point out the president’s hypocrisy’
By Grabien Staff


RYAN: “We haven’t seen the tax returns.”
SELLERS: “ — any consequences for that, and now he wants to persecute people. I think we all agree, this is a campaign of pure terror. This is a campaign of pure fear. And I hate to go back to this because it doesn’t — I mean, it rings hollow now because Donald Trump is the president, but we have all been raised to believe this is not what our country was built upon, that we are better than this.”
RYE: “That’s not true.”
SELLERS: “It definitely ain’t true now. When you talk about young people, even in El Paso, we did a story that people were afraid to go and identify —“
RYE: “Well, let me say, I don’t know who ‘we’ is. When was this country better?”
SELLERS: “That’s what we were taught. I’m just saying, that’s what we were taught. Can I give people something aspirational in the morning before they go to work?”
RYE: “We never have been.”

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