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CNN’s Avlon: Eulogies from Mulroney, Simpson, Meacham an ‘Implicit Dis’ at Trump

‘The clips that we just played for Meacham and Mulroney were not an accident’

AVLON: “You know, as a former speechwriter, the father and son speech is exactly as Scott said. The clips that we just played from Meacham and Mulroney were not an accident. That was an implicit dis at the current president. It's because of contrast between the two men. You know, you make choices when you write speeches. And when all of a sudden you talk about all the leaders of the world understood they were dealing with a true gentleman, that's one thing this president has rarely been accused of. And I'll also say, you know, I don’t think you want to give out too many medals for not screwing up a presidential funeral. The President was on best behavior this week, but that's a fairly low bar.”

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