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CNN’s Baldwin Clashes with Matt Lewis for Calling Ted Cruz Restaurant Protesters a ‘Mob’

‘Oh, you’re not going to use the mob word here’
By Grabien Staff


BALDWIN: “Do you think, Matt, that trump’s strategy, the Republican strategy of weaponizing Brett Kavanaugh, you know, if they just do this for the next four weeks, do you think that’s a winning strategy?”
LEWIS: “I definitely think it’s a winning strategy for the we could look back and say it was one moment on our way of Democrats having a demographic problem. But in terms of the midterms, Democrats are already motivated. Nothing that happened, you know, last week is going to matter to the person who is already upset about all the other things Donald Trump has done. Democrats were motivated, passionate, angry. They are either going to turn out or they’re not. Republicans, they’re the team that needed the excitement, the passion, the energy. They didn’t have it. In mid terms that’s what’s matters for turnout and now I think they do. I believe it’s the overreaction of the left. When you see people like Ted Cruz getting chased out of restaurants by a mob —“
BALDWIN: “Oh, you’re not going to use the mob word here.”
LEWIS: “It’s totally a mob.”
BALDWIN: “Stop, stop, stop. A mob is what we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia two Augusts ago. A mob is not what we saw chasing — I’m not saying what they did was right.”
LEWIS: “What about the people who were at the Supreme Court banging on the walls? What do you call that? Civil protest or is that a mob? I think it’s easily a mob.”
HAM: “And if we were tea partiers, we’d call it a mob for sure. Let’s be serious.”
BALDWIN: “Let me move past the ‘M’ word. I do feel like that is part of the weaponization of what’s happening now on the right. At the same time I think you do make an interesting point in a piece of read of yours today that while this whole issue with Kavanaugh and Ford has been incredibly divisive in this country, it was unifying among Republicans. Republicans had a Republican problem. You said this is what caused Republicans to be one big fuzzy family again.”

(via Mediaite)

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