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CNN’s Bernstein: Journalists ‘Need to Start Really Looking’ at Trump’s Business Activities and His Personal Life

‘We know very little about the internal operations of that investigation’


STELTER: "What about Robert Mueller testifying in ten days? I know a lot of it will be perceived as political weeds, but aren’t there important pieces of information that he is going to be able to share or at least say on camera for the first time that should matter to the entirety of the country?"
BERNSTEIN: "Totally. It’s going to be fascinating because his whole investigation is and should be under the microscope. We need to know much more about this investigation and the conduct of the investigation, what the FBI found that is not in the report, some of the unredacted material. We need to know more about what was found out about the president of the United States and those around him in protected, under oath circumstances of that hearing room. The other thing that journalists need to start doing in terms of Mueller, and maybe only “The New York Times,” “The Washington Post,” “The Wall Street journal” and perhaps one or two other institutions is capable of this, the whole investigation, from inception to the report, there is a fabulous story in what the FBI did and what the Mueller prosecutors did. We know very little about the internal operations of that investigation. It needs to be put together. Great reporters will do it, can do it, and that too will tell us much more about Donald Trump, the people around him, the relationships with Russia, which are really, really if you read the Mueller report, you talk about hints, his business dealings, his family in Russia, the oligarchs he has done business with, his aspirations for an empire, a business empire emanating from Russia east to the other countries of the former Soviet Union and what he did to further that. We know surprisingly little about Donald Trump’s actual business activities given his biography and we need to start really looking at them as well as his personal life in terms, because the two have intersected so much and there have been, as in the stormy Daniels case, there has been an awful lot we have suggestions of and we need to start following and really doing the hard reporting that ought to follow those suggestions."

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