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CNN’s Camerota Tries Baiting Sen. McCain to Dismiss Rice Unmasking as a Non-Story

‘I think the circumstances indicate there’s a possibility that request could have been politically motivated’
By Grabien Staff


CAMEROTA: “What we’ve heard from the reporting, is that if she saw a masked name that said American number one had these conversations with Russians at the same time that President Obama had imposed sanctions, wouldn’t that arouse some curiosity on her part?”
McCAIN: “All I can say, Alisyn, is that I don’t know enough to reach a conclusion except to say this is another aspect of this multi-dimensional scandal. This is one of the bigger ones that we have seen in a number of years. And that’s why we need the select committee to get to the bottom of it. I have great confidence in Richard Burr and Senator Warner of Virginia but the dimensions of this require a broader scope if we’re going to get to the bottom of all of it.”

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