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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Hammers Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski on the President’s Racism

‘He wanted to remind the voters that his policies, not him, but his policies are on the ballot tomorrow’
By Grabien Staff


CUOMO: "But he’s on it, though, Corey. Just to keep it clear. He’s said it many times. A vote for Corey is a vote for me. He tried to move away from it, though, when it started to get through to him that he might be in trouble tomorrow on the House side. Now it’s not about him. That’s for Trump to say, but the ad, I got to go back to it. If you don’t want to say the Party’s at odds with Trump, that’s fine. I understand why they want to put out the economic message, it would make sense. The President disagrees, he says it's boring, and it seems that he made a trade. Forget about the facts. Go with the feelings. Scare them. Fear and loathing. The brown menace. They’re coming. They’re going to invade us. That was his call. He’s gone long and strong with it. A lot of people, your own candidates aren’t echoing it the way the President is. Do you think he may have made a bet here that’s going to break against him?"

(Via RawStory)

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