CNN’s Cooper to Hillary: ‘Do You Give Absolution’ to Those Who Didn’t Help You?
‘No, I don’t’

CNN's Anderson Cooper asked Hillary Clinton perhaps the most bizarre question thus far from the promotional tour for hew new book, "What Happened."

Asked about the women who didn't vote for her, whom she in part blames for her loss, Cooper asked Clinton whether she, upon meeting such female voters, grants them "absolution." 

Clinton said does not forgive these women.

"No, no I do not" grant them "absolution," she replied.  

Here's the transcript:

COOPER: “Do you give absolution to those women who didn’t vote?”

HILLARY: “No, no I don’t. Look, I — when it first started happening it was so soon after the election and the election was so bizarre and close. It was hard for me to, you know comfort somebody who was coming to me and saying, ‘Oh I wish I’d done more.' Or, 'I'm sorry I’m I didn’t vote.’ I think this was one of the most consequential elections that we had faced in a long time. So, no absolution but of course I just hope people will take what happened this time seriously and be ready and willing to vote the next time.”

Earlier in the day in an NPR interview, Clinton said white women who voted for Trump only did so because men told them to