CNN’s Cuomo: ‘A Strong Argument To Be Made that Standing in a Storm Is Not a Smart Thing To Do’
‘We do it so you don’t have to’


CUOMO: "There in Miami Beach moments ago, a sign came down. Our reporter is lucky she wasn’t closer to it. The there’s a strong argument to be made standing in a storm is not a smart thing to do. We do it so you don’t have to. So we can give you the information you need so hopefully satisfy your own curiosity. It matters because people remain behind and you have to know what’s going on so we know how to help them after the storms and chronicle the impact. Because it’s a reminder that we are all in it together whether you’re in Florida, or not. This is something that should be of acute concern. That’s why people like our reporter are out there putting themselves in harm’s way. We are in Naples Florida, the west coast, the future of the hurricane. This place has particular vulnerabilities. She is in the thick of it. The you got lucky, my friend. You’re a probut we have to take our trances carefully. How is it now?"