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CNN’s Don Lemon Claims Rittenhouse Trying to Maintain Order Is ‘Vigilantism’

‘We’re not supposed to take justice into our own hands’
By Grabien Staff


LEMON: "It's the same idea, as I was saying about the judge, this is okay because people are used to it. This is the ultimate entitlement, that, again, you can insert yourself into a situation with a gun that you’re not supposed to be carrying, kill two people, injure, and it is — you’re made to be a hero by the public. You — you see someone jogging down the street and you take it into your hands, you think it's your responsibility to stop that person, when you’re not even sure if they are committing a crime, because, what, it is your street, it is your town, it is your country. It is the ultimate degree of entitlement, when people believe that this is how they’re supposed to be. What the right is saying about Kyle Rittenhouse is, well, the government didn't do its job, so it took a 17-year-old kid to come in and do what was right. That’s vigilantism. That’s not what — we’re not supposed to be vigilantes. We’re not supposed to taking justice into our own hands. Imagine if every single person in America did that. Imagine if you called for black men or just black folks to be armed and go out in the streets and, you know, do what they think, justice, take it back, remember what they did to you and slavery and whatever, go and take things. Imagine if people were condoning that or just doing that. Would there be a different perception in this country about who should and who shouldn’t carry guns? Would our gun laws be different? I certainly think so. So there is a double standard, but there is an ultimate degree of entitlement: 'This is what I’m supposed to do because this belongs to me,' meaning this street, this town and this country. I think it is tough for people to hear that, but it is the absolute truth. I don’t walk down the street saying this is my — I pay taxes here and therefore I — no, if I see someone breaking the law, I call the cops. That’s what they’re there for. It's supposed to be about law and order. This isn’t about law and order. This is about unlawful conduct and disorder."

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