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CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Says Isn’t ‘Unusual’ CNN Was Leaked Grand Jury Information

‘Most indictments are not sealed, they are public indictments’
By Grabien Staff

CAMEROTA: “Jeffrey, is it unusual that there was a leak of a grand jury charge pending?”
TOOBIN: “It isn't unusual to have the leak of the fact that there was a sealed indictment. The whole point of the sealed indictment is that the person who is indicted doesn’t know he’s been indicted, or she. That’s why you do a sealed indictment, so you can grab someone so they can’t flee. Most indictments are not sealed which means they are public documents. The person who is indicted knows they have been charged and they are expected to turn themselves in.”
CUOMO: “They did file this though, right?”
TOOBIN: “I don’t know what the procedure was exactly.”

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