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CNN’s John Berman Debates Yale Prof Who’s Reported on Hydroxychloroquine’s Benefits for Covid [Full Segment]

‘So to say those were gold standard trials is just nonsense’


BERMAN: "You say there’s a benefit, it’s worth the risk. Well, but if there’s no benefit, what the FDA is saying, it’s not worth the risk."
RISCH: "First of all, there is a lot of evidence which you haven’t even let me discuss. Secondly, the FDA has no evidence whatsoever for outpatient use of hydroxychloroquine of any adverse events. The FDA on its website has black letter warnings saying not to use it for outpatients. Just below that, it says it only has data for use in inpatients which is a totally different disease. The FDA has no data on outpatient use, and yet it put a black letter warning against it. That to me is unconscionable, that they could do that and allow 45,000 deaths in the months of July alone because of blocking a medication they had no data on."

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