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CNN’s Mudd on Global Warming: Americans ‘Like to Eat Hamburgers’ and ‘That’s Going to Kill Us’

‘We need leadership that says long term pain for long term gain, and we need leadership on this issue’


MUDD: “Sure. If you look at people in my world talking about things like climate change, they talk about things like changing weather, weather patterns, believe it or not, a national security issue, because that has to do with water. In places like the Middle East water is an issue that people go to war over. But this is pretty simple. I think we are debating this. This is an -- this is a leadership issue. Tens of millions of Americans will wake up today and eat hamburgers for lunch, that’s going to kill them. People don’t focus on the long term, they focus on the short term."
BERMAN: "Mm-hmm."
MUDD: "There’s a parallel here. The president comes into office and says we are withdrawing from climate change and we're investing in coal. That's going to kill us. Unless we get leadership that says we've got to take short term pain for the long term gain, which is something Americans don't do when they eat hamburgers, we are not going to win this one. We need leadership on this issue.”

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