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CNN’s Prokupecz: The Notion that the FBI Planted a Spy on the Trump Campaign ‘Is Just Not True’

‘Everyone we have been talking to about this has said that the president is just wrong’
By Grabien Staff


PROKUPECZ: "Quite frankly, Poppy, everyone we have been talking to about this has said that the President is just wrong. The notion that somehow the F.B.I. implanted, planted someone inside the campaign to spy on the campaign is just not true according to several people that we have been talking to. You know, just think about this, Poppy, the notion that we here at CNN had to call folks to try and explain to them what the President is saying, the accusations that the President is making, and they’re having to refute it does not put these officials in the best spot that they want to be. You know, they are taking issue with it. There is this issue, this notion, the idea that they put someone inside the campaign, that law enforcement or intelligence officials planted someone inside the campaign, they’re telling us it is just ludicrous." 

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