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CNN’s Sellers: ‘We Found Out Today that Lynching Is Still Illegal in the United States of America’

‘I don’t believe today is about justice, I think Ahmaud Arbery being alive is justice’
By Grabien Staff


SELLERS: “Today is a day just like the Derek Chauvin trial where you finally have accountability for individuals who hunt people down and murder them and don’t give them the benefit of their humanity. You know, the unique thing about this is we found out today that, yeah, lynching is still illegal in the United States of America. That’s what we all saw. But we also know how difficult this journey was for this family to even get to this day of accountability. We know how difficult it was to even bring charges against these individuals. And so, I believe that today is the day that this country needed. I don’t want to say deserved, but needed, Ana, because the fact is, just imagine if we’re sitting here talking about not guilty verdicts. I believe that this country and our democracy is fundamentally fragile and hanging on by a thread. And I don’t believe that a not guilty verdict today would have served us well as a country. In fact, going into this holiday weekend, I think it would have torn this country apart. That's how fragile our democracy is."

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