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CNN’s Stelter Attacks Trump for Being Too Accessible to Media: ‘More Pollution ... on the Air’

‘The president of the United States is the country’s biggest promoter of misinformation’
By Grabien Staff

After spending much of last year attacking President Trump for not providing more direct access to the press, CNN’s media reporter, Brian Stelter, is now criticizing Trump for providing … too much access. 

So many interviews, Stelter said on his Sunday show, Reliable Sources, is putting “more pollution … on the air.”

“The president of the United States is the country’s biggest promoter of misinformation and he has been in a awfully chatty mood lately, super talkative and holding pressers and Q&A’s, interviews, and chats on Air Force One,” Stelter said. “And he called in ‘Fox News’ one night this week and then woke up and called them again the next morning. And the result is even more pollution in the air and on the air.”

The CNN host continued: “I wish this weren’t the case, I wish the fact checkers were not working overtime on his comments. It is usually and definitely a good thing for press to have more access to powerful people, but with Trump, the downside of that access is that he is saying so much stuff that is untrue that it sows confusion and division.”

Stelter also attacked USA Today for printing a Trump oped. 

“That’s what USA Today did by running this presidential op-ed the other day full of distortions and that is what ‘Fox and Friends’ did by putting Trump on the phone for 46 minutes and then not correcting many of the errors,” he said. “So this is the list we made of all of Trump’s appearances since Monday. Look at how many he has done with that made for TV moment swearing in Justice Kavanaugh, through a number of interviews with the reporters, calling into ‘Fox News,’ etc., and the Q&As on the south lawn of the White House.”

“So he is talking with friendly outlets and promotional supporters of his, but he is also speaking to real journalists who are going to ask him tough questions,” Stelter said. “Leslie Staal’s interview is coming up, there’s more to come in the coming days. There is obviously a political strategy at play here and the other shows can analyze that, but talk about the journalistic conundrum with this kind of access comes what?”

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