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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: Biden To Announce the U.S. Will Take 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees

‘This is something the Ukrainians have been seeking’
By Grabien Staff


BLITZER: "Brianna, there is major breaking news unfolding here at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Thirty NATO leaders, the president of the United States, 29 other NATO leaders, they’re attending this truly extraordinary summit. They’re trying to deal with this enormous military challenge, humanitarian challenge coming out of Ukraine right now. It's a big, big issue. One month into this war, 3.5 million refugees already, and God knows how many people, men, women and children have died as a result of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. This is something that the world is watching, these NATO leaders are dealing with right now as well. Other major breaking news emerging right now, the president of the United States plans to announce that the United States once again will settle, will take in up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, who may want to come to the United States.”

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