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CNN’s Zucker: ‘We Don’t Set out to Be Anti-Trump,’ We’re ‘Pro-Truth’

‘We are not looking for any antagonistic relationship’


ZUCKER: “So, you know, I would say it's a mixed bag. I always say, look, we're not looking for an antagonistic relationship at all. We're not — we don't set out to be pro-Trump, we don't set out to be anti-Trump. We set out to be pro-truth. Now I understand in this day and age why being pro-truth can be construed as anti-Trump, but that's not our problem, that's not our fault. We're just here to ferret out the truth. And so our relationship obviously is not perfect, but it's also not our job to have a perfect relationship with the White House. It's our job to tell the truth and to hold those in power accountable, and that's what we're doing."        

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