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CO Secretary of State: ‘Fraudits’ Have No Place in Colorado

‘We are considered the safest state in which to cast a ballot’
By Grabien Staff


GRISWOLD: “Well, good morning, Ali. Thank you for having me on. The answer to your question is very simple. Through state law and rule making. Here in Colorado we are considered the safest state in which to cast a ballot, in no small part because we already do a risk-limiting audit. That’s the premiere type of election audit. It was already conducted on the 2020 election. What that audit shows us in a secure way is that the election results are correct. But what we are seeing across the nation, starting in Arizona where Republicans hired a partisan firm with no experience to do the sham audit, are these calls for fake forensic audits, all in an intent to help justify voter suppression and spread the big lie. So we have to push back against those attacks, which are, frankly, attacks on democracy.”

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