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Cokie Roberts Blames Clinton’s Poor Polling on Leadership on Sexism: ‘All About Being a Woman’

‘That’s all about being a woman’
By Grabien Staff

Cokie Roberts said the reason Hillary Clinton receives poor polling on leadership is due to sexism among Americans. She appeared Sunday on ABC's "This Week":

RADDATZ: "But what about Elizabeth Warren."
ROBERTS: "I think Elizabeth Warren is the real problem, not only does she not need her in terms of the Democrats. Hillary Clinton in our last ABC poll had 88 percent of the Democratic vote. Barack Obama got 89 percent of the Democratic vote when he won in 2008. It’s fine. And having two women on the ticket is a real issue. And we have looked at implicit bias. And you look at the polling where you see that Hillary Clinton is losing on leadership, that’s all about being a woman."

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