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Colbert Mock Don Lemon’s Wardrobe: I Know They Want to Add Comedy to CNN... This Is Hilarious

‘But how do you report the news in that outfit?’
By Grabien Staff


COLBERT: “And I was watching this morning and I was a lilingsz taken aback. I didn’t expect this. Can you show what he was wearing? There you go. You know, I believe a great man once said what the ( bleep ) is that? Because he looks– I know they want to add some comedy to CNN and this is hilarious. But how do you report the news in that outfit? How do you actually talk about tragedy wearing that, because what could be more tragic than that look he had this morning? Could you put it back up? He’s like a high school track teacher who went for a run and then got a little hungry and stopped at a restaurant but it was too nice of a restaurant, and they said, “sir, you have to wear a jacket.””

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