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Colbert: Spending Cuts GOP Is Asking to Raise Debt Ceiling Is Like Choosing to Cancel Netflix or Shoving Grandpa into the River

‘The U.S. has reached its $31.4 trillion debt ceiling’


COLBERT: “I talked about this last night, and now it’s happened: the U.S. has reached its $31.4 trillion debt ceiling. Now, normally, Congress automatically raises the debt limit as needed. But House Republicans are refusing, in order to leverage the standoff to extract major spending cuts on social programs, including Social Security and Medicare. That is an insane negotiating tactic. That's pretty drastic. That’s like a husband saying, “Honey, we’re spending too much on entertainment. So either we cancel one of our streaming services or I shove grandpa into the river. Which is it? Netflix or pee-pop?””

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