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Commerce Sec.: ‘Nobody Is Being Forced’ to Get Vaccinated

‘You can work from home, get tested on a weekly basis’


RAIMONDO: "You're exactly right. Nobody is being forced. In fact if you don’t get vaccinated, you just have to get tested on a weekly basis. But the reality is the science is crystal clear on this. Get vaccinated. These vaccines are incredibly effective. They're effective. They’re free. They work. And we just -- it's unacceptable, it is unacceptable now that people aren’t getting vaccinated. We need our kids in schools, we need schools open. We need people to get back to work, we need people  flying on airplanes, we need people in restaurants. We have too many Americans still out of work, and this is a simple, effective shot in the arm if you will that our economy needs and there’s no reason not to get vaccinated at this point in time. That being said, you are not being forced. You can work from home, you can get tested on a weekly basis. So I just think this is just smart public policy and great leadership by the president."

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