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Concha: ‘You Can Find Jimmy Hoffa or Brian Laundrie Before You Can Find Kamala Harris in Front of a Microphone’

‘By a 13 points margin, everybody on Team Biden is seen as not being competent to run the government’
By Grabien Staff


CONCHA: “Just have them in the east room where most press conferences are held. He held one solo press conference since he has been president. You can find jimmy hoffa or Brian laundrie before you can find Kamala Harris in front of a microphone. They are trying to script a presidency. And you can’t do that. Because conditions on the grounds dictate how your presidency is going to go. When you peel off the onion, forget about the overall approval number. 32% of independents. Less than one in three Americans approve of the president over 9 months in office. He’s seen honest and trustworthy by a solid majority of voters. Now a solid majority sees him as dishonest. That was his go-to. And now he doesn’t have that. This should keep mr. Biden’s handlers up at night. By a 13-points margin, everybody on team bind is seen as not being competent to run the government. In the time it takes to carry a baby to full term team bind has almost destroyed any positive perception it had going into office. Inflation, the economy, it’s more expensive to live in this country. Crime, it’s unsafer to live in this country. ISIS and al qaeda has a playgrounds to.”

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