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Conspiracy: MSNBC Suggests AG Barr, Russia Behind Epstein Death

Network hosts and anchors are floating one theory after another

No sooner had the death of Jeffrey Epstein been reported were reporters and anchors at MSNBC offering up conspiracy theories to explain the death. 

Host Joy Ann Reid suggested Attorney General Bill Barr is connected to Epstein’s death.

Her colleague, Joe Scarborough, said Russia is beind the death.

Another MSNBC personality, John Heilemann, favorably quoted tweets from the producer of the Showtime series, “Billionaires,” Brian Koppelman, who suggested Epstein’s death shows how closely connected the United States is with Russia. 

On “AM Joy,” Reid repeatedly suggested Barr could be tied to Epstein’s death.

"Can we say this again? So this facility is run by the Department of Justice, meaning William Barr’s Department of Justice?" Reid told her panel Saturday morning. “This is now a facility under the control of the Department of Justice. And this Department of Justice does not exactly inspire confidence, let’s just be blunt. William Barr’s Justice Department is not one you can readily simply rely upon and feel confident in. So what do we make of all this now that in this federal facility, this person was allowed to be alone long enough to either harm himself or be killed — we don’t know what happened.” 


Reid further hinted that Barr might be trying to help President Trump avoid being implicated in the Epstein scandal.

"Donald Trump’s name comes up whenever Jeffrey Epstein’s name comes up and other people, too. He’s no longer a threat to those people because he can’t talk about them anymore. I think one of the reasons people feel a lot of skepticism here is he’s deprived these Girls of justice, young women of justice, but he now goes silent."

After Epstein’s death was announced, Joe Scarborough immediately saw a connection with Russia:

Tweet #1160184410588758018

Heilemann favorably cited tweets likening the U.S. to Russia after Epstein’s death:

Tweet #1160195848720064513

Thus far there is no evidence that Epstein’s death is connected to either the Department of Justice nor Russia.

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