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Conway Pushes Back on CNN Over Ukraine Call: Circle Where the Quid Pro Quo Is

‘And I have the transcript right here...’
By Grabien Staff

BASH: Joining me now to give the view from inside the White House is counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway.

Thank you so much for being here this morning.


BASH: Let's just start with the basics.

The president of the United States asked a foreign power to investigate a top political rival. We read it the summary in the July 25 call.

We also saw him do it in public. Was that appropriate?

CONWAY: Well, I have the transcript of the call right here.

And I'd like you to show me where that is. I mean, you can circle where there's a quid pro quo. You can circle where he asked him to...

BASH: No, I'm not asking about...

CONWAY: Excuse me -- where he mentions 2020, where he mentions -- where the president mentions holding up aid.

The Ukrainian president has said he didn't realize any aid was being held up -- quote -- "He felt no pressure."

And this entire phone call is about two presidents of respective countries talking about how they got elected. The president of Ukraine says, I modeled it after you...

BASH: So, Kellyanne...

CONWAY: ... draining the swamp.

Well, but then let's be clear.


CONWAY: We don't need Ukraine's help to beat Joe Biden, anymore than we needed help to help beat Hillary Clinton.


BASH: I'm not asking about that right now.

I'm going to ask about the quid pro quo in a second.

CONWAY: But that's important.


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