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Conway on Tariffs: Trump’s Tired of American Workers Getting Screwed

‘This will play out over time’
By Grabien Staff


CONWAY: "I didn’t say that. These farmers are very — many of them are very supportive of President Trump because they like his policies when it comes to the tax cuts and deregulation and the fact that China is buying beef and poultry and dairy for first time in is a years. Every time the president is told you can’t do that it will never happen, what a mistake you’ll be making, pulling out of the Paris accords, going over to Singapore and trying to get denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Really keeping the promise of five presidents to move the capital — excuse me, recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move our U.S. Embassy there he keeps the promises and people say don’t do it, it will be a disaster. This will play out over time. But he’s tired of the American workers getting screwed."

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