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Coons After ACB Says She Didn’t ‘Chastise’ John Roberts: So You’re ‘Chastising’ Roberts?

Barrett: ‘I was not’


COONS: “So to be clear, you’re specifically accusing the Chief Justice or you’re chastising, might be the better word, the Chief Justice of distorting the statute and of upholding it when it should have been struck down.”

BARRETT: “No. I’m not — I was not. I said I was not chastising. All I was doing was expressing some — I mean, and as I’ve said several times, it’s how the Chief Justice himself characterized it, it’s not the most natural reading of that language and all I was doing —“

COONS: “If I may, your Honor, I don’t think the Chief Justice would agree with that characterization. He didn’t describe his own opinion as not plausible.”

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