Cornell Brooks: ‘The President Is an Unreconstructed, Uncensored Racist’
‘But this time he’s done something distinctively dangerous’


BLITZER: "Breaking tonight from the continent of Africa to the halls of Congress, very angry reaction to President Trump’s vulgar remarks about immigrants of color. The president facing shouted questions from a reporter about whether he’s a racist against a rather bizarre event honoring the late Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. We’ll get to the panel, former naacp president and CEO is with us. Cornell, for you personally, what was it like to hear the president paying tribute to Dr. King. What was it like after he used that disgusting slur to African countries?"
BROOKS: "I went to the same seminary as Dr. Martin Luther king and studied with a professor who taught him. So to have the president of the United States stand with the family of Dr. King and, in effect, use Dr. King in his legacy as a prop, within hours of using a racial obscenity. Let’s be very clear about this. The president is an unreconstructed, uncensored racist. The fact of the matter is, we have seen time and time and time again this president use language to demean, degrade people based on race and ethnicity. But this time he’s done something distinctively dangerous. That is to say he’s endangered immigrant children here in the U.S. And endangered American personnel abroad. Why? Because his comments fuel and inspire hate crimes at home. But his comments also make it more likely that our service personnel are endangered abroad, or they may inspire people to be less likely to support and protect our personnel. He’s failed as a commander in chief, principally because he cannot let go of his own racism."