Cornell William Brooks: Trump’s ‘a Racist Stricken with Narcissism’


BLITZER: "You just heard, a victory lap, but it is not just destroying the president’s reputation, America’s reputation here in the United States and around the world is on the line."
BROOKS: "Absolutely. Let’s be clear about this, this is the kind of — the president is a distinctive racist. In that he’s a racist stricken with narcissism. The fact that he’s bragging about this, the fact that he takes pride in it. Makes it clear that the racism is not merely personal, it is policy. And so to the extent, it is policy represented many the president’s view of DACA and comprehensive immigration reform or the lack thereof. That means the country should and will hold the GOP accountable. If they do not call them out, if they don’t distance themselves from this racism, every American should hold them accountable during the midterms. You stand with the country or you stand with the racist president. You cannot have both."